Social inclusion with Xubuntu: A tale of free software changing lives

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| M6-IT, a Community Interest Community in the UK, are part way through a
| project to equip socially excluded families with computers running Xubuntu.
| [...]
| The project is funded from a local regeneration budget, and supported by a
| partnership of four local schools called Quadrant C. Working with them we
| have identified pupils moving into secondary school who don’t have access to
| a home computer. We invite the families to a training session. The next step
| is to provide Internet access and a home computer for the family.

Another new case of using old PCs with Linux:

Building a highly functional desktop with lightweight software

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| There you have it: an Ubuntu distribution with a fast and easy-to-use
| desktop, thanks to Fluxbox and a bunch of lightweight applications. There are
| other software packages you can install instead of the resource-hungry
| applications you may be used to: Claws as an email client, Abiword to edit
| and read .DOC files, Gnumeric for spreadsheets, Kazehakase as an even lighter
| Web browser, and Graveman for burning CDs and DVDs.

Choice is good. Options are good, not confusing.


Linux Surveys

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| Is Linux dying in the embedded space? Or is it healthier than ever?
| Surveys don't paint a clear picture.
| [...]
| In my travels I see Linux in lots of applications, far more than a couple
| of years ago. My gut tells me the survey data is not telling the whole
| story.

Installed base

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| Installed base is a measure of the number of units of a particular type
| of system (usually a computing platform) actually in use, as opposed to
| market share, which only reflects sales over a particular period.
| Because installed base includes machines that may have been in use for
| many years, it is usually a higher figure than market share. Many people
| see it as a more reliable indicator of a platform's popularity.

Vista sales could boost PC recycling

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| As customers line up to buy new PCs capable of running Microsoft
| Corp.'s new Windows Vista OS, vendors like Dell Inc. and
| Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) are preparing to process a surge
| of discarded, outmoded computers.

Old PCs find new homes in re-use venture

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| Indeed while producers of electronic gear may get it in the neck
| from WEEE, Terry reckons Microsoft may worm out of it. And Vista's
| licensing looks like a headache for re-users and recyclers.
| "Microsoft needs to put something back into the system. They
| need to talk to people like us. They could be help out rather
| than getting in the way."

Vista gets slated - by the Greens

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| The Green Party has slammed Microsoft and it's forthcoming operating
| system, Windows Vista, in a withering attack on the company's "monopoly".
| Microsoft not only takes criticism for allegedly environmentally
| unfriendly policies, but for attacking civil liberties.
| The party claims that "Vista gives Microsoft the ability to lock
| you out of your computer," and that "Microsoft are determined not
| to play fair" in the video content market.

MassMutual gives computers

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| MassMutual Financial Group donated 100 computers to Springfield Technical
| Community College yesterday for use by students who cannot afford to
| purchase a computer.
| [...]
| Four STCC students will refurbish the computers, which are about
| three to four years old, and load them with free open source software,
| a Linux-based system called Ubuntu.

16,000 Linux computers delivered - for free

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| With his non-profit organization called Alameda County Computer Resource
| Center, he built up a volunteer organization, collects donated stuff from the
| companies who provide them, strips any proprietary OS and software off the
| drives, re-installs everything with Linux and free applications, and then
| gives them to schools or other not-for-profit organizations or individuals
| without too much cash. *
| A great man with a great mission. CNN called him a hero already.

WEEE directive threatens Microsoft OEM sales

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| There's a possibility Microsoft may well dump the OEM scheme and that
| could prompt small firms that don't want to be WEEEing to install Linux
| * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| or even pirate OSes.

Consumer electronics vs. Planet Earth

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| several makers of Linux-based thin-client devices have begun
| touting their devices as environmentally-friendly alternatives
| to standard desktop PCs. Meanwhile, several companies are
| working to build Linux-based network computers for home users,
| including Zonbu, Linutop, and Thinteknix.

Is 'green' software possible?

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| He suggests using software such as Puppy Linux, a low resource version of
| Linux, and Portable Apps, a service-based approach to delivering
| applications.

Greenpeace: Vista could trigger a deluge of electronic waste

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| Beau Baconguis of the Southeast Asia section of the environmental
| protection organization Greenpeace has warned that the introduction
| by Microsoft of its new operating system Windows Vista might as a
| side effect trigger a deluge of electronic waste (E-waste). "With
| Vista, Microsoft could effectively hasten the obsolesence of half
| the world's PCs, especially in the absence of fully-functioning
| global take back systems for PCs," Ms. Baconguis declared.

Use GNU/Linux and help save the planet

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| Are Windows users, not by choice, the worst polluters of the planet
| relative to GNU/Linux? Well, not intentionally but the lifecycle of
| a machine running Windows must be shorter than that of a
| conscientious Linux user who can prevent that old 400MHZ Celeron PC
| with 128MBs of memory gathering dust in the corner from heading for
| the scrapheap.
| [...]
| The Chinese have a saying: the journey of a thousand miles begins
| with the first step. Reusing a puffing and wheezing old computer
| by installing a minimal GNU/Linux distro and staving off the day
| when it trudges forlornly to the scrapheap is at least a baby step
| in the right direction.

Computers in schools are an environmental time-bomb

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| Schools are using computers as room
| heaters which then need to be cooled using expensive air conditioning
| and Modern thin-client networks could reverse this trend and are
| available from the Open Source community and vendors of proprietary
| software today.