Open Enterprise Interview: Mary Lou Jepsen

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| One of the most exciting – and troubled – computing projects in recent years
| has been One Laptop Per Child. It aimed to produce a $100 laptop designed
| specifically for children in developing countries, with a production run
| envisaged to run into many millions. For various reasons – not least
| political ones to do with its use of GNU/Linux rather than Windows – that
| hasn't happened, but the resulting OLPC XO machine has, nonetheless, proved
| an important stimulus to work in this area thanks to its radical design.
| On the software front, that included rethinking what a GNU/Linux distribution
| should offer, and how children with little or no experience of technology
| could use free software to learn about computers and everything else. Its
| hardware was equally innovative, notably in terms of its wireless mesh
| network, and revolutionary screen.

Thie one was mentioned days ago:

Budget-Priced Thin Client Ships

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| The TC23xx series is based on a 1Ghz Via C7 processor and comes with Linux or
| Windows CE. "A high specced machine like that could convince users," believes
| VXL's VP of sales, Frank Noon.


Power-sipping thin client runs Linux

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| VXL Instruments has introduced an "entry-level" thin client device that runs
| Linux. The Itona TC 2331-LI operates fanlessly, uses a 1GHz Via C7 processor,
| supports touchscreen monitors with up to 1680 x 1050 resolution, and uses
| only 11 watts of power, says VXL. *