The Google Open Source Program Office--A Model to Emulate?

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| And yet, you would have thought that the audience were a collection of cows
| staring at a newly-installed gate. Crickets chirped. And then I heard some
| push-back:
| They do it for recruiting!
| Well, yes, this is true. But then, I didn't say they were altruistic, but
| rather that they knew what they were doing with respect to community
| development. They invest in communities, many of them related to Open Source,
| and this devotion to community helps them tremendously. It helps them when
| they launch a new set of services, because the communities they target will
| no doubt be the early adopters. It helps when Google launches a new platform,
| such as Android, because their communities will be the source of a great
| number of hackers who will enjoy bending Android to their will.

Google: Model citizen of community development?

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| I wonder, however, if Google gets a free pass on so many issues simply
| because developers are praying for an alternative to Microsoft's dominance?
| Perhaps many, or most, embrace Google, thinking, "The enemy of my enemy is my
| friend."

"If it [the timing of the donation] had anything to do with the antitrust case,
we would have told someone."

--Ms. Stonifer, director William H. Gates Foundation


Google readies Summer of Code 2008

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| Google is preparing its fourth Summer of Code programme in which students
| spend the summer working on development projects with various open source
| groups. *

Sounds Like Summer

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| We're very excited to be doing Google Summer of Code once more, and we're
| looking forward to helping the community find more new contributors and
| produce even more code for everyone's benefit.

Google behind Photoshop's new Linux compatibility

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| "About 200 patches were committed to winehq, and as of wine-0.9.54, Photoshop
| CS2 is quite usable," Kegel noted in a separate post.