AquaFold's Aqua Data Studio Becomes Free for Open Source Software Developers

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| Aqua Data Studio for Linux is available for immediate download.

Network accelerators come with Linux drivers

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| Cavium Networks has launched two families of Linux-friendly network
| accelerator cards. The lower-end Nitrox PX XL PCI-Express cards target
| security appliances, storage equipment, and service-provider infrastructure,
| while the higher-end Octeon XL NICPro2 PCI-X cards target L4-L7 switches,
| session border controllers, and ad-insertion appliances, among other
| applications.


Pragmatic Questions about Binary-Only Drivers

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| Use binary-only drivers if you must. It?s your choice. However,
| please consider how your choice to do so affects everyone else as
| much as you consider how your choice to do so may limit your
| current and future options as well.