GPL'd Linux stack supports touchscreen phones

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| Trolltech will release its entire application development framework for
| Linux-based mobile phones under the GPL license...


Getting Started with the Trolltech Greenphone SDK

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| Trolltech recently released many smartphone developers' dream combination-the
| Linux-based Greenphone and its open-source Qtopia Phone SDK.

Trolltech Opens Up Judging Of Qtopia Greenphone Mobile Linux Applications

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| Greenphone, the first open Linux mobile development device for software
| innovation, as well as the Qtopia Greenphone Developer Challenge, a global
| contest to encourage development of Linux-based mobile phone applications,
| has opened the doors for new development. *

Trolltech Greenphone developer's SDK

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| So, to begin, what is the Greenphone? Its an Xscale processor (specifically
| a Marvell PXA 270) with 64MB or Ram and 128MB of flash, and a Broadcom
| BCM2121 GSM baseband processor for phone communications. It supports USB
| via a mini usb port, as well as bluetooth. On the whole it struck me as
| fairly comparable to something between a Palm Treo 650 and 700, minus
| the keyboard. Not surprisingly its also sized in terms of processor
| speed and memory to support a Linux-based software stack rather nicely,
| which in this case was founded on a 2.4.19 kernel (more on that later).

Trolltech Qtopia Greenphone and SDK Review

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| After having spent a fair bit of time with the Greenphone, it became
| clear to me that the goal of this device was to build and extend the
| Qtopia mobile platform community and provide a means for developing
| software for such a platform. Trolltech is attempting to "ride on
| the shoulders" of such a community, hoping that their new platform
| will take off.

Open Linux developer phone opens up more

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| Trolltech has loosened key licensing restrictions on its
| user-modifiable Linux-based mobile phone for open source software
| developers. Users of the Greenphone will no longer be restricted to
| running Qtopia software on the device, nor to using the device only
| in its supplied hardware/software configuration.