Eclipse adds PHP tools to open-source lineup

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| The Eclipse Foundation Tuesday will announce the availability of a set of
| tools that can be used to support developers using the dynamic PHP language
| to build Web applications.

BSD Licensed PCC Compiler Imported

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| It is not yet bug-free, but it can compile the i386 userspace. The big
| benefit of it (apart from that it's BSD licensed, for license geeks :-) is
| that it is fast, 5-10 times faster than gcc, while still producing reasonable
| code.


Well It Was Twenty Years Ago Today...

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| It was early June in 1987 when Richard Stallman announced the release
| of the GNU C compiler version 1.0. As I wrote in Open Sources, it was
| the most thrilling and most terrifying day of my life (up to that
| point).

Tools: GCC 4.2.0 Released

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| Mark Mitchell announced the availability of GCC 4.2 saying, "GCC 4.2.0
| is a major release, containing new functionality not available in GCC
| 4.1.x or previous GCC releases." He then linked the GCC 4.2 Release
| Series Changes, New Features, and Fixes document for more details as
| to what is new in this release.