Intalio's open source suite used for Belgium schools

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| Intalio Inc. said Monday its open source business process management suite
| has been deployed by the Belgium Ministry of Education to manage more than
| one million student records.


Mandriva Shows Off 3D Linux Graphics, Opens Benelux Unit

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| In a separate announcement, Mandriva also said last week that it has
| established a company in Belgium called Mandriva Benelux that will be the
| sole means of distributing and supporting Mandriva Linux in Belgium, the
| Netherlands, and Luxembourg. The new unit will be able to ink its own OEM
| agreements to get Mandriva Linux distributed in the region, and will work
| with local educational institutions and governments to spur the adoption of
| Linux and open source software in those three countries. Mandriva's various
| Linux distributions are available in 80 languages and in 140 countries
| through a combination of direct and indirect channels. * * * *

Adult coaching in Open Source in Belgium

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| Our school has always maintained high standards and is proud to
| present itself as the only school in Belgium where beginners and
| experts can learn Linux.
| Subjects include Linux Initiation, Sendmail, Samba, Apache, PHP.
| Of course we do not forget, Firefox,
| Evolution/Kmail or Thunderbird.