ReviewLinux.Com: TinyME Packs a Big Punch

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| TinyME Test 6 was announced today on Distrowatch.Com and we thought we would
| take a quick look at it. This little distro packs a big punch and we enjoyed
| the ride. Take a short look at our Flash Video of TinyME Linux based on the
| user friendly PCLinuxOS.

KateOS 3.6 Released

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| The final version of KateOS 3.6 is now available. This version represents
| eight months of development, and we can proudly say that this time was not
| wasted. KateOS now fulfills our users' requirements better than ever, while
| being both modern and stable. This new version contains hundreds of updated
| packages, lots of bugfixes, and many improved solutions.


TinyMe Test 5 released!

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| The changes for test 5 are almost too numerous to mention. This will
| hopefully be our last test release before TinyMe Final.

TinyMe - The little distro that could

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| This derivative version of PCLOS really is a tiny little gem that's slowly,
| but surely growing into a much bigger diamond. I look forward to the
| eventual final release of this distribution in the near future.

Mini Review of a Tiny PCLOS

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| TinyMe is a scaled down version of PCLinuxOS 2007. The latest version
| is delivered as a 177 MB liveCD and features the Lightweight X11
| Desktop Enviroment, Synaptic, and the PCLinuxOS Control Center. It
| comes with a few applications, so it could be a really light version
| of PCLOS for older computers or a foundation on which to build your
| own system as you choose.

KateOS 3.6 Beta

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| As was outlined in a previous Phoronix article, we have been
| evaluating KateOS as a possible Linux distribution to append to
| our arsenal of OS compatibility tests. Recently KateOS 3.6 Beta
| was introduced and we have went over this distribution with a
| fine tooth comb. KateOS 3.6 Beta is a huge improvement for the
| KateOS team with the improvements to the LiveCD as well as for
| the installation process. Shipping with this beta is everything
| from to Xine, making it a viable desktop
| distribution powered by Xfce.

Damn Small Linux 3.4 RC1 arrives

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| The Damn Small Linux (DSL) project team on June 19 announced the availability
| of the first release candidate of the next version of its live CD
| mini-distribution based on Debian Linux. Damn Small Linux 3.4 features a
| 2.4.26 kernel and a lightweight Fluxbox desktop environment, the team said. *

KateOS LIVE 3.2 beta -- a lightweight dektop

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| KateOS is a Polish (and polished!) distribution which is
| completely community-driven. The effects of the community
| work are pretty impressive. Kate is original and has its
| own feeling. Each new release of the system brings a few
| decent innovations and offers an even better GNU/Linux
| lightweight multimedia desktop. In my opinion it will soon
| be able to compete with other popular lightweight Linux-based
| systems like Xubuntu or Zenwalk. It just needs some
| more hard work.

KateOS 3.2: Installation Made Easy

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| Presently KateOS is ranked thirty-third at DistroWatch.
| [...]
| In general KateOS Live 3.2 Beta seems to run very nice and
| the time I have spent with it so far has definitely been
| enjoyable. In fact, I am considering installing KateOS 3.2
| on a few production machines. Having an installer built
| into the LiveCD has become the de facto standard for Linux
| distributions, and it's great to see KateOS finally shine in this area.