Reasons to Switch to Ubuntu from Microsoft Windows

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| There are many valid reasons to switch from Microsoft Windows to Ubuntu
| Linux. Both the general computer user and corporations can benefit from the
| switch to Ubuntu. Do not worry if you have never heard of Ubuntu, I will
| briefly introduce you to the best free Linux distribution available.

There's Linux in Them Thar Hills

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| From the outside, the Linux house looks like a decrepit shack. But
| appearances can be deceiving. Open the creaking front door, and you discover
| an opulent interior that stretches out spaciously. (It's like the phenomenon
| of Doctor Who's Tardis: On the outside, a tiny police call box, yet inside, a
| sprawling timeship.)
| But wait! The Linux house feels oddly familiar.


Seven Financial Reasons to Use Linux in the Enterprise

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| Even a discussion on religion and politics might well include mention of
| operating systems when a Linux user is in the room. The enterprise has
| quietly been adopting Linux, first on hidden-away servers but then in the
| open and even on the desktop. Ignoring ideological debates that intervene
| when the subject of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) enters the picture,
| let's cut to the chase and look at financial reasons for adopting Linux.
| After all, it all boils down to "TCO" (Total Cost of Ownership), doesn't it?