Linux on cell phones: the trend is up

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| How long will the perfect storm continue? Although Apple may be credited with
| ratcheting up the activity level with the iPhone, most of the developments on
| the Linux front have been simmering for a long time. For example, Motorola
| began launching Linux-based cell phones and smart phones in Asian and
| European markets several years ago. Consortia like LIPS and LiMo also trace
| back to around 2000.

ACCESS Co-Founder Tomihisa Kamada to Kick Off OSiM 2007 Conference

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| ACCESS CO., LTD. co-founder and CTO Tomihisa Kamada will deliver the opening
| keynote address at this year''s Open Source in Mobile (OSiM 2007) conference
| in Madrid, Spain from September 18 to 19. The keynote, Mobile Linux in the
| Era of Convergence, will discuss the benefits of mobile Linux? for converged
| solutions and how the evolution of the mobile industry will result in
| explosive growth for mobile Linux.
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| OSiM is the world''s premier conference for mobile Linux and open source
| technologies. According to a recently-published study by ABI Research, over
| the next five years, Linux is expected to be the fastest growing smartphone
| OS and is forecast to account for nearly 31% of all smart devices in the
| market by 2012.


The inadvertent Linux user

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| Linux is deployed in more than 25 per cent of smartphones, and is second only
| in popularity to the Symbian operating system (OS) in that market.