Once you go Mac

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| Then I upgraded my PC to Vista. What a disaster. I had grown accustomed to my
| PC freezing every now and then. Enter Vista and my PC was frozen more often
| than it was working. The biggest culprit was MicroSoft Outlook.
| The application has to have a memory leak. I could follow memory numbers as
| they grew and grew. Then as my email was downloading, the rules would stop
| working and everything went straight to my inbox. Spam and all.
| When you get as many emails as I do. Thats a problem. When it also causes the
| system to freeze, its more than just a problem.


But one can do better than Apple...

The iFlop

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| Steve Jobs tried to design --and dictate--the future of television. Here's
| how he failed.


Readers Endorse Switch to Apple

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| I know looking through an inbox is anecdotal evidence -- but there was an
| enormous amount of it, of which the letters below are a small sample. Yes,
| there was a reverse wave of folks suggesting Linux, building my own PC, or
| staying the course and getting a game console. But it was a small ripple
| against the tide. Thanks to everybody who wrote in with their experiences.