"i AM a lot smarter then you think. i also am NOT prejudist against people
who do not have complete command of the English language."

"why not do like i am going to do. send a abuse report to

"you might be able to pursuade them to kick their abusive user or sue them
for liable"

"he is Ned Ludd from Boston Mass.
he's one of them paid punk shills that microsoft gave a free laptop to"

"i also have three ruptured disks in my back & i am not
able to lift anything over five pounds."

Cikovic is a lying retarded NetKKKop.


Il mittente di questo messaggio|The sender address of this
non corrisponde ad un utente |message is not related to a real
reale ma all'indirizzo fittizio|person but to a fake address of an
di un sistema anonimizzatore |anonymous system
Per maggiori informazioni |For more info