Performance Technologies Announces Availability of AMC121 High-Performance
Compute Module

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| All of the company's AMC processing products are fully integrated with the
| company's NexusWare(R) carrier-grade, Linux(R)-based operating system and
| development environment.

Levanta Beefs Up Management Team in Preparation for Expansion Into Data Center

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| "As Linux moves into mainstream business-critical deployments, customers are
| looking for sophisticated enterprise-grade system management solutions for
| Linux," said Eric Gries, CEO of Levanta.


Server sales turn vendors into very happy bunnies

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| X86 server sales generated 50 per cent of factory revenue for the first time,
| growing 16 per cent year on year. Sales of Windows servers grew by 14 per
| cent annually but Linux revs were up 34 per cent.
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Top 500 Supers: Moore's Law Is Alive and Well

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| There are two Windows-based clusters, and 42 machines that run a mix
| of operating systems--and one of those operating systems in the mix is
| always a Linux and the other is a variant of Unix. If you want to be
| fair, Linux is represented on 86 percent of the machines...
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