Bloom off the rose

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| Nearly a year after shocking the open-source community by cutting a deal with
| Microsoft Corp., a primary spike to Linux sales at Novell Inc. has slowed and
| the company has yet to win market share from rival Red Hat Inc.


Did I press a few buttons or what!

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| There are better, more robust mail systems out there than exchange. So why is
| Novell trying so hard to tow to Microsoft with its evolution? Oh I know the
| answer to that. I will be told on no uncertain terms that exchange is the
| enterprise standard. Who says? *

Why Novell fan left NetWare, SUSE behind

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| For the most part, Red Hat -- though a proprietary products vendor
| -- stays true to the community spirit of open source software. For
| instance, Red Hat bought Netscape Directory Server and threw it
| on open source and gave it to the community, Klein said.
| * * * * "Once I bought into the community, I became
| * * * * community-oriented. That's Red Hat's strength, and that's
| * * * * where Novell falls short. To me, it looks like Novell just
| * * * * uses Linux as an entry to selling proprietary products to
| * * * * put on top of it. As for open source, it looks like Novell
| * * * * tosses its dead products out to the community."
| The partnership between Microsoft and Novell takes that approach
| -- using Linux as a hook to sell proprietary products -- a giant
| leap forward, in Klein?s opinion.

Red Hat sets limits to Microsoft interoperability spiel

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| Red Hat will only sign an interoperability agreement with Microsoft if
| it is based entirely on open standards, the company's executive vice
| president of Engineering Paul Cormier told