FOSSFA calls for use of open hardware

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| "No government should allow its freedom of choice to be restricted by the
| chance of prior hardware purchases. The fact of the matter is that government
| is a major purchaser of hardware and it can use that power to enforce
| openness among manufacturers and their products," he said


The importance of open source in hardware

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| Having a solid base on which to build will also help new innovations come to
| market, since those makers will only have to concentrate on what’s new. It
| will also enable new competitors to exist, since they won’t have to hold all
| the IP of their new designs. *
| The open source hardware movement, in other words, has barely begun.

Sun's Niagara chip breaks like the Wind River

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| Wind River this week lent a helping hand to one of Sun Microsystems'
| more interesting processor efforts. The software maker announced that
| its telco hardened version of Linux will be tuned for Sun's UltraSPARC
| T1 processor.

Perens set to tackle open-source hardware

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| On Monday, Perens plans to announce the TAPR Open Hardware
| License, a document written by John Ackerman designed
| specifically to govern hardware designs that can be
| modified and redistrubuted. Perens plans to submit the
| license to the Open Source Initiative for its as an
| open-source license.