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>> For people who are developing embedded software -
>> Peter Clarke
>> (03/02/2008 7:00 PM EST)
>> URL:
>> LONDON -- Imperas Ltd., a young company developing multiprocessing
>> development tools, has announced that it has donated technology for an
>> open-source infrastructure to support developers who want to simulate
>> software running on system-on-chip designs.

[snip for brevity]

>> The OVP website is found at It will serve as the
>> portal for OVP, with details about the technology, a discussion forum
>> for the OVP community, and links to download all the OVP components.

> Wrong group.
> Most of the people here are Windows programmers.
> Peter Kohlmann for example.

There are no pure Linux programmers, with the possible
exception of those whose sole income is kernel module
development; these are few and far between. The only
one coming to mind is Linus Torvalds, and I suspect
he's more interested in the management of what has now
become a rather large project in its own right.

I agree that the OP has gone far astray. In fact, most
posts here go far astray, unless they are *specifically*
discussing the advantages of Linux the kernel vis-a-vis
other similar solutions (such as NTOSKRNL, FreeBSD,
Solaris, or OSX).

Granted, we don't have e.g. a comp.gui.kde.advocacy or
comp.widget.gtk.advocacy (as far as I know, anyway) or
comp.distro.ubuntu.advocacy. Note that Ubuntu could
just as easily enfold itself around FreeBSD or HURD,
with a bit of work and possibly some contributions to
FreeBSD for the more esoteric drivers. Gentoo already has
a HURD skeleton though I'm not sure it's all that healthy.
Debian has a HURD variant. It is even possible to wrap any
one of these around/within Windows, if the Cygnus fork()
hack still works.

So what, precisely, should we be discussing?

> The rest are mental patients and career students
> at 3rd rate 'polyversity'.
> See: Roy Schestowitz for examples of all of the above.

Naturally. While you are, of course, a perfectly qualified
freeware-only Linux kernel developer, I take it.

Useless C/C++ Programming Idea #11823822:
signal(SIGKILL, catchkill);

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