In Canada

The theory ...
"The Songwriters Association of Canada proposal to fully legalize
peer-to-peer file sharing by adding a $5 levy to the monthly Internet
bill ... many Canadians arguing that they don't download music and
should not be asked to pay $60 per year in order to do so... While we
all pay for services we don't use (my tax dollars support museums in
other cities that I don't visit or schools that my kids don't attend),
there are times when such systems are necessary for broader policy
reasons...universally affordable broadband access is one"

The facts...

"Random House and other leading book publishers have announced that they
are dropping DRM for their audiobook sales. Random House experimented
with DRM-free audiobooks in the fall on eMusic and could not find a
single instance where a DRM-free book later appeared on a P2P system."