JackLab Audio Distribution

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| We have found that musicians have particular requirements for their Linux
| environment. A Linux-based distribution that is designed for music needs to
| be flexible, powerful, yet easy and quick to use. All of these things are
| essential in a busy, creative environment.




Toying With gNewSense-KDE

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| I gave gNewSense a spin this weekend. It's mostly a good experience, but I am
| sticking with Debian for now. Here's why.



I'm JADed! [JackLab Audio Distribution, Linux]

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| So has my quest ended ? Well, despite the sidetrips taken during
| the post-installation configuration I'm very impressed with JAD,
| and I'll leave it as the default system for the old box. I'm
| building a more powerful 32-bit machine now, and I intend to
| load it with the JAD distro. Given its excellent performance
| on my ancient iron, I look forward to its performance on a more
| suitable machine.