Ending Software Patents

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| There are several organizations who are taking on specific bad patents but
| ESP is unique in that it is activitely working toward the abolition of
| software patents in the United States. While the organization is focused on
| work in the US, it's deeply important globally -- much of the world's patent
| law is "exported" from the US.


World Customs Organization Recommends Far-Reaching New Rules On IP

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| The World Customs Organisation is recommending far-reaching new rules on
| intellectual property rights that some say may extend beyond the
| organisation’s mandate.
| Staff at the WCO’s Brussels headquarters are preparing what they describe as
| voluntary ‘model legislation’ to provide guidance on how IP rights can be
| upheld at border posts.


Bastards. Just a bunch of puppets for monopolies, as usual...


Copyright activists want Canada to avoid WIPO treaty

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| The Canadian government’s affirmation for copyright reform in this month’s
| throne speech could have implications on technological innovation as well as
| the open source community, according to industry activists. *