IBM and Red Hat launch algorithmic trading platform

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| The system combines IBM's QS21 BladeCenter servers and Red Hat's Enterprise
| Linux Advanced operating system, the companies said.


Open Source Slowly Gains Momentum on Wall Street

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| Customers may be comfortable using Linux for infrastructure-type
| systems but less so for business software, said Monica Kumar,
| senior director of product manager for Linux and open-source
| software at Oracle.

Linux On Wall Street Is Not An Oxymoron. Or Is It? *

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| So is Linux on Wall Street an oxymoron? Of course it's not.
| Linux has staunch supporters on the street who are making money
| with it and are recognizing the inherent benefits of the model.
| Linux, which is by definition free software, is not necessarily
| free without price or without the potential for profit.
| Wall Street is all about money, and Linux has proven -- and will
| continue to prove -- that it is a worthy tool in the quest to
| generate even more money.

Red Hat's Real Time Coming Sooner Than Later

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| Real Time Linux will be available to Red Hat customers sooner than had
| been originally expected, but unlike many Red Hat innovations, the new
| Real Time capabilities will not show up first in Red Hat's Fedora
| community Linux distribution.

Linux Crossing Threshold to Real Mission Critical Computing

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| ...Linux developers are steadily chipping away at the most
| significant functional gaps that limited its suitability for
| these workloads in the past, allowing it to progress far beyond the
| "edge of network" domain where it has traditionally thrived. The
| impressive wins by Novell and Red Hat prove that user perceptions
| about Linux's limitations are gradually crumbling as well.

Linux in 2006: June is Busting Out All Over

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| I apologize for sounding like a typical lame pundit, but 2006 was the Year
| of Linux. I never said that before--I was waiting until it became true.