rSmart and Sun Microsystems to Develop Kuali-Based Solutions for Educational

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| rSmart announced that it will develop Kuali-based solutions in collaboration
| with Sun Microsystems (News - Alert). These Kuali-based solutions will be
| certified to run on Sun’s collection of systems besides other open source
| infrastructure software like Solaris, MySQL, GlassFish, OpenSSO and OpenESB.


AMD pays for IBM know-how in battle with Intel

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| This kind of know-how is not cheap. AMD's 2007 10K form says the following
| about the agreement that extends to December 31, 2011: "We anticipate that,
| under this agreement, we will pay fees to IBM of approximately $400 million
| in connection with joint development projects between 2008 and 2011."

AMD has just updated its open GPU documentation.


KDE 4 on old hardware

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| KDE 4 on old hardware
| I am typing this post using KDE 4 on Kubuntu Hardy on the following hardware:
| 350MHz AMD K6-2
| 256mb RAM
| 4GB hard drive
| wireless (atheros, madwifi driver)