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Thread: "Vista...runs circles around Ubuntu"

  1. "Vista...runs circles around Ubuntu"

  2. Re: "Vista...runs in circles around BSOD"

    Micoshaft's Fraudster and Asstroturfer DFS wrote:

    > B

    PISTIFICATION - is there such a word in the dictionary?
    And is it a disease?

    When PISTA reboot on reboot, what should that be called?

    In any case, if micoshaft asstrotities are reduced
    to comparing PISTA with a Linux distro like Ubuntu,
    then what does it say about micoshaft being reduced to nothing
    more than pint size alternative distro?

    In any case, Ubuntu wins hands down.
    Go to www.youtube.com and search for ubuntu, compiz and berly.
    PISTA nowhere to be seen.

    Linux now shipping 1 million+ distros per month.
    Embedded Linux shipping 3 million+ gadgets per DAY.

    Its time to move into Linux in a big way

  3. Re: "Vista...runs circles around Ubuntu"

    On 2008-02-28, DFS wrote:
    > By Hank (a Microsoft hater), at
    > http://blog.anamazingmind.com/2008/0...-of-being.html

    ....just don't try working with files.


    Windows Vista suffers from a bug that causes many machines to stall while
    deleting, copying and moving files, a flaw that has provoked consternation
    in online forums.

    'I've seen this bug in action, and trust me, it's as if you're copying over
    a 64k link using only 256mb of RAM,' one Reg reader complained. 'To add to the
    problem, you can't cancel or anything.'"


    "Seven weeks ago, when we first reported Vista was causing many machines to
    stall indefinitely while deleting, copying and moving files, we were sure the
    problem was caused by a bug that would be fixed relatively quickly. After all,
    Vista is Microsoft's flagship product. It's also an operating system. And
    everyone knows deleting, copying and moving files are among the most basic tasks
    any operating system can set out to do."

    .. . .

    "Another posting made today relates the experience of a certain groden, who
    spent four hours trying to copy 3.8GB of data off a Windows 2003 server using
    a Sony Vaio with 2GB of RAM. It took him a couple of minutes to copy the same
    files using a similar set up that was running XP."

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