Ubuntu Mobile takes on Apple touch interface

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| Canonical today hoped to preempt all comers today with news of Ubuntu Mobile.
| Its first Linux variant aimed at handhelds, the software is tailored for the
| Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs) expected to launch in spring based on Intel's
| Silverthorne technology and is designed to recognize basic iPhone-like
| gestures such as swiping to scroll through menus and websites. A scrolling
| visual front end based on Flash or Clutter replaces the traditional Ubuntu
| desktop and is designed to be used solely with fingers, including with an
| on-screen keyboard.



Matt Zimmerman on Ubuntu Mobile

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| Will It be possibile to see mobile device with Ubuntu preinstalled?
| Are you talking with hardware manufacturer?
| Absolutely, we expect to see mobile devices based on Ubuntu next year


What does Ubuntu Mobile look like?

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| Here is the first mockup posted to the mailing list.
| and another one from another development team:


Ubuntu Mobile and Embedded Edition

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| To fulfil the aims of our mission and in response to the technical
| challenges that these devices pose, we are announcing the Ubuntu Mobile and
| Embedded project.