SAM Linux 2008 'Claws' rc1: A Brief Visual Tour

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| So, that's the end of my brief tour of SAM Linux 2008. It's a hugely
| promising distribution and I'm fairly sure we're going to be hearing more
| about it in the future.
| Well worth a try, if only as a very useful live CD.



Review of SAM Linux 2007

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| It's a nice release and the XCFE interface serves it well but I
| couldn't say I noticed any real performance gains over PCLOS'
| KDE window manager.
| [...]
| Someone once told me that SAM2007 is to PCLinuxOS what Mint was to Ubuntu
| and I agree; but probably not for the right reasons.

PCLinuxOS 2007 Test Release 4: A Review

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| All in all for a test release this is very mature and I must say
| very attractive looking Desktop Operating System. With fast smooth
| operation even with beryl running this one is a keeper.

SAM 2007 released

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| After two test releases I am happy to give you the final version
| of SAM 2007.

Tuxmachines: Sam Linux 2007--For the XFCE Lover

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| Sam Linux 2007 was released yesterday and since it's been little over
| a year since my last test of Sam, I thought I might see what was new.
| The first Sam I tested two years ago was very unstable, while last
| year's Sam was so much improved. But this year finds Sam based on
| PCLOS 2007 and it is better than ever. It looks better, it performs
| better, it even smells better.

SAM Linux 2007 [Screenshot Gallery]

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| SAM Linux is a distribution we had never heard of in the past, but
| with the 2007 edition of SAM coming out this week we couldn't help
| but to give it a try. SAM Linux is based upon PCLinuxOS and features
| a LiveCD with the Xfce 4.4 desktop. SAM Linux 2007 does include
| Beryl/XGL support, WINE, Flash 9, RealPlayer, Java, and much more.
| It is a clean distribution and looks extremely nice. If you're
| still trying to find the perfect match, SAM Linux 2007 may be
| worth trying out.