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Transitive(R) Customer Evaluation Options Enhanced as QuickTransit(R) Receives
VMware Virtual Appliance Lab Certification

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| "VMware's certification of Transitive's award-winning QuickTransit for
| Solaris/SPARC-to-Linux/x86-64 Virtual Appliance is a timely endorsement of
| the value of cross-platform virtualization solutions by an acknowledged
| market leader," said Ian Robinson, vice-president of marketing for
| Transitive.


Colosa launches open source workflow solution for small and medium-sized

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| ProcessMaker OSS v1.0 is published under the GNU Affero GPL v3 open source
| license, so the source code is accessible to all users and modifications that
| meet the licensing requirements are acceptable. The installation process is
| simple and streamlined through an easy-to-use installer with versions of the
| software available for both Linux and Windows platforms.



Code dandy Transitive adds laptop, legacy Solaris/SPARC plays

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| These days, Transitive leads with its Quick Transit Server product, which
| brings applications written for Solaris/SPARC systems over to Linux on x86
| gear. *