Cortex-A8 SoCs target embedded, consumer devices

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| The EVM accepts application-specific daughter cards, and comes with a
| TI-designed Linux board support package (BSP) that includes a 2.6.22 kernel,
| peripheral drivers, U-boot, and a Busybox-based root file system. TI's Linux
| BSPs are developed by an internal team, Andrews said.

Customizable SoCs gain virtual Linux support


Four billion embedded systems shipped in '06

Linux loyalty runs high among embedded software developers, says VDC

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| Looking ahead, 87% percent of Linux users plan to use Linux in their next
| project. In both cases, use of free distributions outnumbered use of paid
| distributions by a sizable margin. *

Microsoft cans key conference

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| SOFTWARE giant Microsoft has decided that it does not love its popular Mobile
| and Embedded DevCon any more and has pulled the plug.