Linux-based programmable clock radio arrives

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| The Linux-based Chumby started shipping in limited quantities in November.
| Designed for the bedside, desktop, and kitchen counter, the alarm-clock sized
| Chumby boasts hackable, open source hardware, software, and "outerware"
| (patterns are available for those wishing to dress their chumby in new
| jackets).


The Chumby: Fun, Hackable and full of Potential

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| All in all I give the Chumby a big thumbs up. It's fun to use and easy to
| hack so it's perfectly suited to satisfy your inner geek. It's also useful
| and cheap enough that you can convince your non-geek Significant Other to buy
| you one. If the community comes through with a decent package repository and
| tools, I see lots of potential besides just playing Flash widgets. I just
| hope that they can fix the touchscreen's responsiveness when using your
| finger instead of a stylus or the tip of your nail. * * *

Review: Chumby

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| So far it’s a nice piece of gadgetry to have around. I’ve been enjoying
| letting it auto-cycle through a bunch of channels including Woot!, Google
| News, and others, and occasionally I lookup to see what the Panda at the zoo
| is doing, which is always fun. I also find myself occasionally playing one of
| the many Flash-lite based games around, so it’s a key tool for any
| procrastinator. I could also imagine using it as a reminder tool or alarm
| clock and even having it cycle through my pictures on Picasa. The
| possibilities are definitely endless. * * *

Linux gadget to replace the clock radio?

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| Chumby, a venture-backed San Diego startup, is readying a
| soft, leather-covered Linux-powered gadget conceived as an
| *Internet-era replacement for clock and table radios.
| Expected to ship in "early summer," pending FCC approval,
| the "Chumby" device features open, hackable hardware,
| software, and yes, "outerware" APIs.