A renewed wish for open document standards

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| Currently, the technology industry is evaluating a proposed ISO standard for
| document formats. Given the importance of a workable standard, Microsoft's
| submission of Office Open XML (OOXML ) as an additional international
| standard has caught the attention of many. In September 2007, the original
| request to ISO was defeated. After further technical analysis of the
| specification along with all the additional data available on OOXML, Google
| believes OOXML would be an insufficient and unnecessary standard, designed
| purely around the needs of Microsoft Office.



Microsoft's OOXML: The No vote

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| "If I want to become a vendor of office productivity tools, if I have to - in
| order to be interoperable with other tools - implement two different
| standards or five or ten different standards, then the cost becomes
| overwhelming." *
| Rasmussen said what Google would like to see is further development of ODF in
| lieu of standardising a new format, particularly to enable the ability to
| convert old files to the latest format in full fidelity. *
| "I don't believe its true that ODF could not, with a reasonable amount of
| effort, be developed to a state where that could be done.


Why Google Office Matters And Other Microsoft Competitors Don't

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| If you want to dent the Microsoft Office juggernaut with a
| Web alternative it's going to take enough users to get
| businesses to see it as an alternative. That's why Google's
| Office warrants attention. Google actually has enough users
| and mass to be a threat (someday) to Microsoft Office.


Google Steps Into Microsoft's Office

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| Greg Brandeau is itching to dump the decade-old, homegrown e-mail
| system he manages at Pixar Animation Studios Inc. And the senior
| vice-president for technology at the Walt Disney Co. unit is sure
| about one thing: The replacement won't be Microsoft Corp.'s Exchange
| and Outlook duo, whose e-mail, calendar, and other programs
| dominate corporate computing.


Why Software Business Models of the Future Probably Won't Come in a Box

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| At a Wharton Leadership Lecture this past December, Ballmer noted
| that the two biggest competitive threats to Microsoft are open
| source software and advertising supported applications. "Right now,
| the emblem of the first one is Linux and the emblem of the second
| one is Google. But it's not the companies, it's the phenomena" that
| present the greatest challenge to Microsoft, said Ballmer.


Microsoft vs. Google in Office Software: What's The End Game?

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| Simply put, Google is a fly on the elephant that is Microsoft
| right now. But all Google has to do is make Microsoft defend the
| Office business. If Microsoft has to respond to Google Docs-it
| doesn't yet-the software giant won't be able to focus on search and
| keyword advertising. Even a company with Microsoft's cash pile
| has limited resources.