The penguin begins the march south

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| There's a still nearly 11 months to go before the penguin sets up camp on the
| Apple Isle but the wheels are slowly being cranked into motion by the
| Tasmanian Linux Users Group as they prepare to host the 2009 Australian
| national Linux conference.

Evangelist: Mozilla has "historic opportunity" to advocate for users

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| Recently, had the chance to ask Mozilla evangelist Chris Blizzard
| his thoughts about the past, present, and future of Mozilla, the force behind
| the successful Firefox browser and Thunderbird email application.
| [...]
| I've talked with most of the Linux distributions and it sounds like most of
| them will have separate XULRunner packages and will build Firefox on top of
| them. This means that if you're installing a modern Linux distribution you
| will be able to build on top of XULRunner as well.


Tassie govt goes virtual

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| Tasmania's Department of Premier and Cabinet will procure a whole of
| government licence for server virtualization software to replace individual
| purchasing by each government department in the state. *

Cutting ice with the suits

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| "Once they improve their knowledge of its reliability and scalability,
| they start to naturally progress to other projects based on Linux,"
| he says.
| McLaren says nobody is saying they're not going to use Linux,
| although he admits that some organisations are slower in their
| adoption.
| "They might be doing checks, or their acquisition cycle is
| perhaps longer," he says.