It's tiresome to stick to a few principles, or: Mono is FUD

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| As a final note, it would be nice if the new Fedora Project Leader would make
| a public statement on Mono. Heck, Max could too know whether Red Hat is not
| shipping Mono with RHEL because of patents, because it's wrong to do it,
| because they don't want to support it, or because they don't support it yet.


OpenSolaris, Gobuntu, and be careful who you kiss

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| I read the agreement between Xandros and Microsoft, and one of the excluded
| products was Mono, so Microsoft promises to not sue Xandros over their
| distribution but excluding Mono and a few other products, i.e. they reserve
| the right to sue over Mono. I wonder if this is an interesting preview of on
| what basis they want to fight the free world. * *
| Interestingly, the Novell deal seems to be different, Mono is not excluded
| from the Novell deal. So Microsoft seems to be promising not to sue Novell
| over Mono, but keeps the option open for Xandros. Weird but true. *

Miguel, Mono and Microsoft

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| is Mono's role in the deal that of a hook to make customers write
| .NET applications because they can be run on Linux - only to find
| later on that they are armless or legless because of a change in
| the .NETspecifications, a change which Microsoft decides not to
| make public?
| [...]
| And here we have an individual who decides to replicate one of
| the proprietary company's development environments - for reasons
| best known to him alone - and keeps telling people that the reason
| he's doing it is so that he can pull people over from the
| proprietary company's side to his side!!!