Xilinx Offers MicroBlaze Development Platform on Linux

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| Embedded design teams working on Ethernet Networking and Linux applications
| can eliminate the risk of processor obsolescence and reduce overall system
| cost by using the new kit to quickly architect the complete processing system
| on a low-cost FPGA and to develop software applications.



Xilinx Launches New Comprehensive Embedded Processing Platform

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| In support of the full memory management capabilities, LynuxWorks also has
| said that its BlueCat Linux v2.6 support for the MicroBlaze processor as well
| as the PowerPC 405 processor embedded in Virtex-4 FX devices. *


Xilinx MicroBlaze Processor Supports Linux and C-to-FPGA Acceleration

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| By combining Impulse C development tools with full, memory-managed Linux,
| embedded systems designers now have the ability to create
| hardware-accelerated, multi-processing, multi-threaded and high-reliability
| applications. *


FPGA softcores gain commercial uClinux support

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| LynuxWorks says it will commercially support uClinux on Xilinx
| FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) running MicroBlaze soft-cores.


Xilinx Offers New Microblaze Embedded Development Kit with Linux

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| Xilinx has released the MicroBlaze Development Kit:
| Spartan-3E 1600E Edition, a comprehensive design
| environment with everything embedded developers need to
| create processing-based systems.


Xilinx Extends ISE 8.2i to Include Support for 65nm FPGA

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| Support for the Virtex-5 LX 330 is available for download from the
| Xilinx Download site... 64-bit Linux platforms are recommended.