Europeans ‘better’ contributors to open source community?

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| But as for end users’ appetite for open source, he said: ““In Europe the open
| source trend is definitely gaining increased momentum. And the surprising
| thing is that in European geographies we find a bigger appetite amongst
| enterprises for participation in the open source community and specific open
| source projects.”

New feature in Linux:

Local Caching For Network Filesystems

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| "These patches add local caching for network filesystems such as NFS," began
| David Howells describing an updated set of thirty-seven patches to introduce
| FS-Cache. When asked how the patches affect performance, he noted that this
| was dependent on the use case, highlighting issues when dealing with lots of
| metadata, "getting metadata from the local disk fs is slower than pulling it
| across an unshared gigabit ethernet from a server that already has it in
| memory."

Days ago:

Global consortium launches study on open source as a development tool

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| The European Union has awarded a €703,000 (US$ 1 million) grant to a
| consortium of 11 organizations to explore the use of Free/Libre/Open Source
| Software (FLOSS) as a development tool.

EU Invests $22 Million in Next-Generation BitTorrent Client

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| A few weeks ago we reported that the EU Greens launched a pro-filesharing
| campaign named “I Wouldn’t Steal”. In a continued effort to support the
| development of P2P technology, the European Union has now invested $22
| million in the development of an open-source BitTorrent client. *


European spend on open source software hits 22bn Euros

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| Rishab Ghosh, a senior researcher at the UN University in Maastricht,
| will tell the Open Ireland conference in Dublin that the spend in the
| US on free/libre or open source software (FLOSS) stands at 36bn
| Euros and accounts for 20pc of software spend in the US.

Source of the revolution

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| According to Ghosh, the notional value of Europe's investment in
| free/libre or open source software (FLOSS) today is e22bn,
| representing 20.5pc of the region's total software investment.
| Spending on OSS stands at e36bn and accounts for 20pc of software
| expenditure in the US.