Roy Schestowitz espoused:
> Linux will dominate UK schools within 5 years
> ,----[ Quote ]
>| Yes, it does seem unlikely doesn't it? Windows has been the only reality for
>| several generations of computer users. But is the tide finally beginning to
>| turn?
>| At the Education Show held in February 2007, the talk was of 'sustainable'
>| computing and how schools could use technology to reduce their 'carbon
>| footprint'. Nobody had any idea of what was to come ? a host of Linux-based,
>| ultra-portable, incredibly cheap and very green personal laptops.
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There can be no stopping this. All the lightweight, low-cost, low-power
computing devices around are running Linux, and we're seeing more and
more. The demand is so huge that vendors seem unable to keep up with it.
What I think we're seeing is that the last generation of laptops are being
repurposed as "desktop" machines, and the new generation of lightweight
mobile devices are what people are choosing to carry around, or to take
their school to the next level of computing access.

Primary schools are the obvious target for Eee, Everex Cloudbook, OLPC,
etc., as they have typically much less IT provision than secondary
schools. The small size of the machines has many other advantages,
including obviating the need for specialist "ICT Suites", enabling
standard classrooms to be used for computing, reducing the power
footprint massively, and in the case of OLPC, being robust enough to
take outside to use under the trees or on the grassed play areas as an
alternative to being stuck in stuffy rooms.

> Linux Laptops Reach Critical Mass
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>| Toss in Ubuntu?s growing popularity on desktops and laptops, and it appears
>| as if Linux for PCs and laptops is finally ready to go mainstream. For more
>| on Ubuntu and Linux going mainstream,
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