Caldera RIP Version 7.22 Debuts

,----[ Quote ]
| Caldera Graphics has launched version 7.22 of its wide-format RIP solution.
| Now installable on Kubuntu 7.04 (an easier-to-use, more stable, and
| universally adopted Linux system, Caldera reports), the RIP's new features
| include:

Not quite name collision.


Caldera Hardening Linux for the Enterprise; Tried to "Guillotine" SCO Brand,
"Kill SCO Product Line"

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| I'd say SCO has some 'splainin' to do to the court as to why it said it
| never encouraged customers or partners to use Linux instead of Unix.

Bryan Sparks in the late 1990s on Linux v. Unix in the Enterprise

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| Marbux has found a treasure trove of Caldera v. Microsoft documents
| and media reports. Actually two. One document that turned up is
| a Caldera press release announcing the spinning off of Lineo
| in July 20, 1999.