Hello Group,

I'm currently implementing a restrictive network policy using the LSM
SECURITY_NETWORK module, namely the register_security and
mod_reg_security calls to place hooks for connect() and bind().

I Started development on 2.6.18 and switched to today. It was
kind of a shock, as there is a big difference. It didn't even compile at
first: the calls to mod_unreg_security and unregister_security have been
removed completely as I see it.

The calls to mod_reg_security and mod_register_security are not visible
anymore. I could force it to build by including


in security/security.c - but I guess that's not the nicest solution. Why
have these calls been masked? Is there another way that you're supposed
to install the LSM callbacks now?

And is there a replacement for the unloading calls? What I did so far
was just remove them entirely - not the best idea, it seems: when I
unload the module (which worked really nicely before), the whole kernel
comes apart, it crashes and panics without syncing. The messages are
running through too fast for me to read them, I'm afraid.

Any suggegtions, please?
Thanks in advance,

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