Open Minds Conference: Open Source in K-12 Education

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| For me, this is the must-attend event of the year relating to Free and Open
| Source Software in K-12 education. There are more tracks and topics that I
| already want to see than I will have time to attend. There are currently over
| 55 planned conference sessions, covering a the use of Linux and Open Source
| use in classroom, teaching, technical, and leadership aspects.


GNU/Linux thin-clients

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| I've been looking for a good GNU/Linux thin-client for my employer,
| a school district in the US. We have scores of aging desktops
| (primarily Intel PII 350 MHz and PIII 800 MHz systems) and looking
| more into the mobile arena for most computing needs.

Linux helps raise funds for a million soccer balls

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| "We recently used the Linux desktop multiplier to deploy 2 205 Linux
| desktops in 105 South African schools," said Hodgson, who described
| the multiplier strategy as a "more affordable and
| environmentally-friendly desktop alternative for South African schools".

Kerala On Linux Express Highway

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| The Linux slip-road that the state took is slowly becoming an
| express highway.
| [...]
| If we twist Napoleon's quote on China a bit, we can safely say, "Linux is a
| sleeping giant, let it sleep, because when Linux moves the world moves!"

Linux-alliance sets free school software in Russia

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| Russian Linux software developers have created an alliance to jointly
| participate in tenders to supply schools with open source software. The total
| number of specialist entering the alliance has exceeded the given number in
| Mandriva and Ubuntu Canonical producer, all in all. In case of successful
| pilot project implementation the open source software is to be installed in
| every Russian school together with Microsoft and other propriety software.