Appro To Launch Quad-Core Server For Small Businesses

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| The cluster was powered by dual-core AMD Opterons configured as 1,152
| 4-socket 1U server nodes with a total of 9,216 cores. The cluster ran Linux
| and was connected by a Voltaire InfiniBand switch.

Virtualization Outside The x86 Box

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| A year ago, IBM agreed to offer a version of QuickTransit to its System p
| server users to let them run Linux x86 applications on IBM Unix servers.


Server sales turn vendors into very happy bunnies

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| X86 server sales generated 50 per cent of factory revenue for the first time,
| growing 16 per cent year on year. Sales of Windows servers grew by 14 per
| cent annually but Linux revs were up 34 per cent.
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