A letter to the Wall Street Journal - Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| As an executive with a growing open source company, I wanted to respond to a
| statement you made in your Wall Street Journal Personal Technology column.
| Specifically, you said, “But open source is a two-edge sword. While it draws
| on smart developers from many places, nobody is ultimately responsible for
| the quality of the product, and open source developers have an imperfect feel
| for how average people use software”.
| I’d like to respectfully take issue with this statement. As a person active
| in the tech industry, you know that there has been a strong open source track
| record in the software industry where many companies, both open source and
| traditionally commercial have embraced open source in a very big way. These
| companies include the likes of IBM, Sun and Novell but also emerging open
| source companies like EnterpriseDB, Talend, Compiere and SugarCRM. All these
| companies absolutely take responsibility for the quality of the product.


Mosberg is a Mac user that complained about iPod compatibility in Linux. Eh?

Another new example:

One week with Zonbu

,----[ Quote ]
| In my first week with the Zonbu machine, I saw a couple of the same problems.
| My new iPod apparently uses a filesystem that Banshee, the open-source music
| player Zonbu included with the system, doesn't comprehend. So I wasn't able
| to do much with the iPod on the Zonbu.


What is this obsession with Linux-hostile hardware from Apple (see yesterday's

All the usual suspects (Microsoft shills in the press) began citing Mosberg as
though he was the golden standard and the only one who can assess Linux (never
mind his prejudice).