Hosted apps give open source foothold in small firms

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| Open source software is worming its way into small firms by stealth, as
| companies increasingly rely on hosted web applications without realizing
| their open origins.


Windows losing ground to Linux clients — how far off can the servers be?

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| The impact of SaaS in particular bears watching as more ISVs adopt
| on-demand approaches as their next best growth opportunity, even
| though they will still have a Windows port. SaaS, not Linux, is
| the slippery slope that will affect Microsoft most negatively
| over time. Go to SaaS fully and forget the client beneath the browser.

NaviSite Hosts Microsoft-Based ISV Sandbox

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| As Microsoft tries to gain traction in the SaaS and managed services
| worlds, it needs to gain credibility for its Windows SaaS business
| application powers. and NetSuite rely largely on Linux
| operating systems and Oracle database infrastructure, and
| also uses Solaris. New Microsoft arch-nemesis Google, which earns its
| millions selling ads rather than its Internet search service, is also
| Linux-focused.
| NaviSite, a long-time hosting partner for Microsoft, Progress Software,
| Infor and other applications, also runs applications on Solaris and
| Linux infrastructure. The company is expected to offer sandboxes in
| those environments as well.