HP user group looks for Linux desktop from vendor

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| "We are urging [HP] to do this," Illgen said. "Vista requires a very
| expensive PC." For instance, the Microsoft Corp. operating system needs at
| least 1GB of memory, but 2GB is "really the minimum," according to Illgen,
| who is a senior systems administrator at a restaurant chain that he asked not
| to be identified.
| Illgen said he is running Linux on a desktop PC with a Pentium 4 processor
| and 512MB of memory, and the system is "doing everything I need to do and
| then some."


H-P, just like Dell, will do this in due course. They probably just wait for
RHEL desktop version to actually come out. Businesses and worldwide coverage
is inevitable.


HP launches Linux desktop in Australia

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| The dx2250 HP desktop ships with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Desktop
| pre-loaded, which includes Firefox, OpenOffice and the Evolution e-mail
| client. Red Hat will handle technical support for the system.


HP offers peek at next-gen gadgets

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| HP has unveiled some of the gadgets it is working on in its worldwide
| laboratories.
| [...]
| The e-book attracted most interest from delegates at the HP Mobility
| Summit in Shanghai. It uses touch sensitive strips on the base of
| the rectangular unit to select books and turn pages, runs a Linux
| OS and has a USB port to install new titles.


Big Debian Linux Payday For HP

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| In fiscal 2006, $25 million in hardware sales in EMEA (Europe,
| Middle East and Africa) were directly related to HP's Debian
| support.
| "I was pretty shocked when I found out about this," Jeffrey
| Wade, worldwide marketing manager of open source and Linux at
| HP, told internetnews.com.