Captain Commando wrote:
> "Roy Schestowitz" wrote...
>> AMD 8.41 Display Driver Preview
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> Whether you are using a Radeon X300 purchased a few years
>> ago or the Radeon X1950PRO, the 8.41 driver is noticeably
>> faster. How much faster? In many cases it is about 50%
>> faster while in some configurations it may go as high as 90%
>> or more. In fact, in some benchmarks the Mobility Radeon
>> X300 was over 10x faster!
>> `----

> Translation - Several years and years later, linux drivers for
> ATI video cards are no longer so pathetically bad as to be
> borderline unusable.
>>>> In fact, in some benchmarks the Mobility Radeon X300 was
>>>> over 10x faster!

> Translation - Until recently linux hardware support for this
> major video card was so bad that it barely ran at 1/10th the
> speed it should have.

Translation - 1st Lt Jean Poole, Capt Morgan, Capt. James Pike,
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leave poor Rafael alone, could you ....), Respondant, Sgt.
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7.6 Trespasser Disinformation Tactics

38. Never leave a Linux positive thread unchallenged. If there
is a thread developing that is positive for Linux, hijack that
thread at all cost. Even if it means sacrificing your current
identity. One method to do this is to ramble on about other
topics, with or without the use embedded insults. Even if you
fail to hijack the thread, you may be able to derail it enough to
cancel the positive-for Linux-impact that it could have had.