Red Hat's JBoss dons Black Tie to target BEA Tuxedo

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| Red Hat Thursday revealed a JBoss middleware project aimed at displacing
| BEA's Tuxedo transaction-monitoring engine, which has a significant legacy
| install base.

Red Hat Announces Release of JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform

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| The JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform is intended to maximize flexibility in a
| wide array of deployment scenarios from small-scale integration projects to
| enterprise-wide SOA integration. Built from leading open source projects such
| as JBoss ESB, JBoss jBPM and JBoss Rules, the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform
| offers a light-weight footprint and simple installation for low-cost
| operations. These leading open source projects bring the following
| capabilities to the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform...


Red Hat Completes MetaMatrix Acquisition

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| Waltham, Mass.-based MetaMatrix will be integrated into Red Hat's
| JBoss division, Red Hat said.

Red Hat Expands Security Leadership by Seeking Common Criteria Certification
for JBoss and MetaMatrix Solutions

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| Red Hat, the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today
| announced that it is pursuing Common Criteria certification for the JBoss
| Enterprise Application Platform, reinforcing its commitment to information
| technology (IT) security for public-sector customers. Additionally, Red Hat
| announced that the company has initiated its pursuit of Common Criteria
| certification for MetaMatrix Data Services Platform.