KDE development now based on Qt 4.4

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| The Qt snapshot in the KDE development tree was update to Qt 4.4 pre-Beta
| some hours ago. Qt 4.4 dependent features can now be included into KDE’s main
| tree.


SPECIAL REPORT: Motorola adopts Linux for future mobile phones

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| Motorola has embarked upon a strategy to use Linux in future smartphones.
| This Special Report tracks announcements related to Motorola's embedded Linux
| smartphones, including product announcements from Motorola and technology
| announcements from its partners.


It recently claimed that Nokia's acquisition does not affect it at all.


Trolltech to adopt GPL 3 for Qt

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| Trolltech CEO Haavard Nord announced today at the KDE developer conference
| that the company's cross-platform open source Qt application development
| toolkit will be released under the GPL 3. This move, which comes shortly
| after the release of KDE 4.0 (watch for our review on Sunday night), will
| allow the open source desktop environment to adopt the new version of the
| GPL. * *


ZTE Selects Trolltech’s Qtopia Phone Edition for U980 Smartphone Platform

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| Trolltech today announced that Qtopia Phone Edition, the company’s
| application platform and user interface for Linux-based mobile phones, has
| been selected by Chinese mobile phone manufacturer ZTE as the Linux-based
| application framework for ZTE U980. The U980 is ZTE’s mobile phone platform
| created for China’s national 3G standard TD-SCDMA. Smartphones based on this
| platform will be supplied through China Mobile and sold into the market. * *