Fedora + Eee PC = Eeedora

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| I am a fan of affordable technology. I like relatively cheap gadgets, and I
| like open source. When I heard about Asus’ Eee PC, I took it with a certain
| grain of salt. I thought that maybe it was just another company trying to
| take a piece of the pie from the One Laptop Per Child initiative.



Eeedora Impressions

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| The installation process went on pretty smoothly. During partitioning, I was
| pretty much rid of Xandros - the chosen default was actually the most
| sensible. Just one / partition, filling up the entire disk, with no swap. As
| usual, anaconda (the Fedora installer) will warn you that not having a swap
| partition will be detrimental to performance - I wonder how many newbies
| might decide to create a swap partition (kind of a big no-no, on these SSD
| based devices). * * *