OOXML — The Apple Headache

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| First of all, I will like to point out that the format of documents produced
| by Microsoft Office 2007 is not OOXML (Ecma 376). Microsoft Office 2007
| documents contains, according to my sources, many elements not specified in
| Ecma 376, such as binary code, macros, OLE objects, ActiveX, DRM and
| SharePoint metadata.
| [...]
| I do not own a license for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac, and I will not buy
| one either. It might be possible to open documents produced by Microsoft
| Office 2008 for Mac with iWork ‘08, iPhone or NeoOffice, but that is
| irrelevant. One of the major points with interoperability, is vendor
| independence. If I have to buy a license for Microsoft Office 2008 for Mac,
| Microsoft has succeeded in creating a standard so difficult — not to say
| impossible — to implement, that users will have to buy Microsoft’s software.
| As a final statement, I would like to point out that the allegations on OOXML
| beeing implemented in iWork ‘08, iPhone and NeoOffice are wrong.



Microsoft Breaks the [ODF] Plugins

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| Sun is having trouble because Microsoft is breaking interoperability
| deliberately through hi-jinks with the Dynamic-Link Libraries ("dll") in


Corrupt countries were more likely to support the OOXML document format

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| Is this just a random coincidence? The median of the CPI index of the above
| mentioned 70 countries is 3.95. Of the most corrupted half (CPI index less
| than 3.95) 23 or 77% voted for approval (approval or approval with comments)
| and 7 or 23% for disapproval; 5 abstained. Of the least corrupted half (CPI
| index more than 3.95) 13 or 54% voted for approval and 11 or 46% voted for
| disapproval; 11 abstained - see the table below. * * *


Microsoft accused of more OOXML standards fiddling

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| However the 11 new countries are refusing to say how they will vote. These
| include Cote d'Ivoire, Cyprus, Ecuador, Jamaica, Lebanon, Malta, Pakistan,
| Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Uruguay and Venezuela. Most people seem to think
| that these have been put there by Vole to make sure the standard gets pushed
| through. * *