Mozilla 2 promises big change

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| The beta 3 version of Firefox 3, released this week, will probably be the
| last version of the browser based on the original Mozilla platform,
| celebrating its tenth anniversary next week. Work is already underway on a
| revamp of Firefox's underlying platform - Mozilla.

Zimbra's new Desktop: Look ma, no browser!

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| How did Zimbra do this? With Prism, which is a Mozilla project that basically
| lets applications borrow a tightly integrated, stripped-down version of the
| Firefox browser to run as standalone applications. This gives them all of the
| benefits of the browser (and the Web) without the browser artifacts. It's a
| match made in heaven.

Outlook/Exchange killer, but can Microsoft kill it by bribing some Yahoo


Zimbra: a Hidden Facet of Yahoo!'s Value

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| This means competition authorities will view Microsoft's potential take-over
| of Yahoo! in a different -- the appropriate -- light as an anti-competitive
| absorption of its chief e-mail competitor. *
| Yahoo! will do what it takes to avoid acquisition by Microsoft. Roy is
| working on it.

Yahoo! to boost collaboration offerings with Zimbra

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| The move reflects the belief among major players that collaboration
| represents a massive growth market. In March this year, Cisco paid $US3.2b
| for WebEx, a market leader in on-demand collaboration applications.