XFCE and Usability: Fedora vs. Xubuntu

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| I don't consider XFCE as the best desktop environment, however it's still
| lighter than GNOME, it's still not under the contamination attack from the
| Mono guys, and it's increasingly tempting in recent times, since GNOME seems
| to be a captive of Novell, KDE3 is a dead end, and KDE4 is Vistaesque to its
| best. Now that Fedora has an XFCE spin, it reminded me that special touch
| Xubuntu is still having... despite its Canonical ascendancy.



Announcing Fedora 8 Xfce Spin

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| I am pleased to announce the immediate release of a brand new and sparkling,
| Fedora 8 Xfce Spin. Fedora Xfce Spin is a bootable Fedora Live CD image
| available for x86 and x86_64 architecture. It can be optionally installed to
| hard disk or converted into boot USB images and is ideal for Xfce fans and
| for users running Fedora on relatively low resource systems. * *