Open-Xchange Announces Community Edition of Groupware for In-House Deployments

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| Open-Xchange Inc., the only remaining independent open source alternative to
| Microsoft Exchange, today announced it will release all server components,
| installation and administration tools under the General Public License (GPL).

Android SDK m5-rc14 now available

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| New media codecs - The MediaPlayer class has added support for the OGG
| Vorbis, MIDI, XMF, iMelody, RTTL/RTX, and OTA audio file formats.



Open-Xchange aims for U.S. expansion

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| Open-Xchange is using Yahoo's acquisition of rival Zimbra last year as an
| invitation to tackle the U.S. market with its open-source server software for
| e-mail, calendars, and other collaboration tools. *


Google updates Android software development kit

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| Google released an update to the SDK (software development kit) for Android,
| its mobile-phone operating system.

Google releases Android SDK

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| Google has released an SDK (software development kit) that programmers can
| use to create cell-phone applications for the company’s Android mobile
| platform. *

A developer's perspective on Google's Android SDK

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| This in-depth, hands-on article introduces Android, Google's Linux/Java
| mobile phone SDK (software development kit). After a tour of Android's tools,
| documentation, and code samples, it suggests a path for further exploration
| and concludes with a simple applet showing the power and simplicity of the
| Android environment.

Android SDK in the fly

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| The open source community called Vafeo, once more surprises bringing now not
| only a full Operational System but one Linux Distro (Vd_android), with
| Android SDK built in. In many cases people get bother to mess with the OS
| hardDrive in this case, don’t. Because you’re completely able to run it from
| your CD, not requiring installation. If you prefer install, you’re free to
| choose, just choose where, in second partition, replacing your OS, or also
| install in your pen drive.

Google Android gets positive early reviews

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| While Google's Android announcement generated a lot of hype, developers had
| to wait a week to see whether the company had actually developed a good
| platform.

Emulate Google’s Android Mobile Stack in Linux

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| To try out the Android emulator, download and unzip the Linux SDK package.
| The emulator executable is located in the tools subdirectory.

Open-Xchange goes Express, sheds its Suse roots

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| Second, and extremely interesting to me, Express Edition runs on Ubuntu. Why
| does this matter? Well, for one thing it shows Ubuntu's stablity and
| performance. But on an even more interesting note, take a look at
| Open-Xchange's management team, and in particular its CTO, Jürgen Geck. You
| might remember that he was the CTO at Suse....Or check out Open-Xchange's
| co-founder and EVP of engineering, Martin Kauss. Yep, he was a Suse guy
| before, too. The list goes on.... * * *

Open-Xchange Launches Collaboration Software Appliance

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| The Open-Xchange Express Edition is delivered as a software appliance based
| on a version of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, although it is designed so
| that the user never needs to interact with the operating system. *

Open-Xchange (Partially) Embraces GPL *

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| On the GPL side, Open-Xchange's choice of license stands in
| contrast to that of its competitor Zimbra, which offers its
| namesake collaboration suite under a modified Mozilla Public
| License, plus attribution.

Review: Open-Xchange

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| Looking for a Microsoft Exchange replacement, or a first groupware
| application for your organization? Check out Open-Xchange. I took it for
| a test drive and found it to be a solid product that works well with
| open source groupware clients, though its Web interface is a bit
| clunky.