Q&A: Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat CEO and President

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| In a wide ranging interview with InternetNews.com, Whitehurst discussed why
| the Linux business is different, why he's not getting into the database
| business, where Microsoft fits into his plans and what his biggest challenges
| are in moving Red Hat forward.
| [...]
| Q: Are you saying then that you'd prefer an open standard to some kind of
| patent licensing agreement?
| A patent licensing agreement is a whole different thing than do Red Hat
| products interoperate well with Microsoft products. We're happy to work on
| interoperability. The patent issue we're still not sure what it is, we've yet
| to see a patent we're supposedly violating.
| We've asked and asked and asked and Microsoft has yet to tell us. It would be
| nice if they tell us at least what they are. The beauty of the open source
| community is that I feel very confident that is Microsoft will tell us what
| they [patents] are we'll work around them pretty fast.



Q&A: New Red Hat boss targets virtualization, execution as keys to future

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| You have a strong business background, is signing a cross-patent licensing
| deal with Microsoft still bad business for Red Hat?
| If we knew what kind of patent issues we had that would be helpful. So it is
| hard to have productive conversation if we don't know what they are. *



Microsoft, the art of Corporate Terrorism.

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| Microsoft, no longer the technological leader in the Computer Desktop
| market, is taking on a terrorist role in its attempt remain in power
| at all costs. (see the link to the CNN story below)
| The tactic is intended to frighten current, and would be, free
| software users away from products that Microsoft just can't compete
| with. It's not a new tactic, but for the first time desperation is
| beginning to show.


Convicted Monopolist Terrorizes Software Industry

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| That headline is designed to grab your attention. Sensationalistic as
| it may be, it also happens to be true, if what you mean by 'terrorize'
| is to provoke fear.
| If you've been following the presidential race in the United States,
| you know the present crop of candidates have been exploiting the fear
| of the American people as they never have before in the history of
| the country.