Torvalds pleased that DRM music is dying

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| Linus Torvalds, coordinator of the Linux kernel, is pleased that music
| publishers have started selling more DRM-free music -- last year he said the
| technology was a lot of "hot air".

From another recent conference/expo:

Ars at SCALE: the GNOME desktop environment

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| The GNOME developers are working to increase integration between the desktop
| and popular web services. The GNOME Online Desktop project—which encompasses
| this effort and other related technologies—is an important part of GNOME's
| strategy for the future. "The idea is getting more and more apps integrated
| into some kind of Internet service," VanDine said during his
| presentation. "There is a lot of potential there and [the developers] are
| working hard to make it a reality."


Torvalds' Linux is ready to go green

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| Torvalds also revealed he is glad to see the apparent demise of music
| protected by digital rights management (DRM). In an interview last year,
| Torvalds said he believed DRM was a "lot of hot air": a comment that he says
| has now been proved right.
| "I think I have been vindicated somewhat. DRM is so anti-consumer that I
| don't see it really ever taking off," said Torvalds.